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Green Bay, WI 54304
Phone (920) 499-2831
Toll Free (877) 373-4023
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A Higher Purpose…

The PCMCU Mission and Vision
to Serve it's Members

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The $ave Wave is rolling
into PCMCU

Show the youth in your life how to hang loose and shred the $ave Wave by taking part in our April Youth Month Saving Challenge sponsored by the Credit Union National Association and also the exciting activities we have planned for our youth and their families!

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Celebrating all we have accomplished TOGETHER!

Review PCMCU’s 2013 Annual Report. 


Live in Virtual Branch!

Gain fast access to your investment, mortgage, credit card and personal account balances and transaction all in one place! Details

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The Online Mortgage Center not only offers you the ability to apply online, it also provides members with the most current Fixed Rates, FHA, and VA loan rates – plus mortgage calculators, resources and researching capabilities.

You can also sign up for our Online Rate Watch. Let the journey begin!